Hey Something New!

I will be debuting a new mini-comic in 2015:  QUILTS

Quilts opening page

QUILTS will be a story about a generation of women told through a family heirloom.  I hope to debut it at CAKE (fingers crossed I get accepted!)  But if not, it will come out anyway :) Check back soon :D

YAY! The Native American Cookbook Debut!

Every year in honor of Native American Heritage Month I make something specifically for this this celebratory time.   Last year I made “Shawnee Dance“, but this year I have something extra special to share with all of you:

Native Book front cover


This is has been a year long project, months of research, and even a whole dinner extravaganza dedicated to trying these recipes, all to bring you a beautifully illustrated unique collection of native foods.  Not only are all these recipes traditionally from different Indigenous tribes around the united states, but all of the ingredients are native to the americas, all of the recipes but one are from “Pre-European Contact”, and most of them are Allergen Friendly, Vegan and Gluten Free! (So hip)

Native Back cover


Every year during the month of November (NAHM) I sell my new creation, not for profit, but to raise money for two particular organizations.  First is the American Indian Center of Chicago, which puts on amazing events all year long as well as provides community, classes and workshops for both Native and non-native peoples in Chicago (for example, I am taking archery there!).  Depending on how much I raise each year, I want to be able to send something to the Absentee Shawnee Tribe in Shawnee Oklahoma, which is where my lineage is from and where my great grandfather was born.

Last year I raised $50, so i sent all of that to the AIC.  This year my goal is AT LEAST $100, so I can send $50 each.


This year, I will be selling the cookbook during the month of November for $15 and the Shawnee Dance Print for $10, OR BOTH for $20!   A seriously amazing (and delicious) deal :)


If you’re interested, please email RACHEL.F.T.FOSS@GMAIL.COM with your name, address, which items you would like to purchase – and I will send you an Invoice!


Thank you again everyone, I love you all.



Breakup Weekend – PART TWO!




Breakup Weekend Comics – Part 2

no really it’s really funny… Last week i was told by this greg that I wasn’t important enough to make time for and that we’re never going to see each-other again.

And then, a few days later, i broke up with the guy i was currently dating… also named greg.

My life is weird.


Breakup Weekend 2014




breakup comic part 1, part of

*!* BREAKUP WEEKEND 2014 *!*

Oh this comic symbolizes so many things, but mostly inspired by how twice in the past few months ive been dumped around birthdays, in a situation where I am of the position to want to celebrate the other person’s life and I was specifically kept away from the celebration to make a statement of how unimportant I am to them.

The cupcake is a representation of the birthdays, but also symbolizes how generous I try to be in a relationship and instead I have to toss it away because the other person doesnt want anything i have to give.


Breakup Weekend part 2 coming tomorrow – stay tuned.

Sigh, I guess I’m on instagram now

Yes it’s true, it happened, im finally on the legendary Instagram.  It’s very sad to be an artist in this time who also hates social media

Either way, there I am.

Also, you may have noticed that I havent been working on anything – which is true!  They say that the happier you are the harder it is to make art, and I couldn’t agree more!  Too much sex and fun this year i guess.

Oh well ;)

Anyway, if ya’ll have been missing some o my stuff, you can always be followin’ me on my tumblr, and i guess now my stupid instagram.  I just updated everything for INKTOBER!  Keep following for more updates.

Also, i will be working on my current project, The Illustrated Native American Cookbook, which will be ready in November for Native American Heritage Month – check back for more details!

FINALLY GEEZ – Now lets talk about Ghosts

So like I said last time (two months ago! AH!) my printer was messed up but I finally fixed it WHICH MEANS…   <3 <3 <3 !COMICS! <3 <3 <3   Todays comic is brought to you by people who pretend to like you and then disappear: ghosting_title ghosting1 ghosting2



So my friends, here is a story.

One of the reasons I make comics and share them publicly, especially ones like this, is because I want someone else out there going through the same thing to realize you’re not alone.

This particular story was drawn about two months ago, after my casual relationship with Greg, but it also applies perfectly to my most recent dating experience.  Actually… probably more so, because Dave was the best person I ever dated and felt like relationship was just around the corner.  But then just a few days ago … poof! gone.  I think this one hurt the most. (BTW, Happy Birthday Dave!)*

Yes it sucks, yes you will sit at home and analyze over and over “what did i do?!?!”, “what did I say?!?!”, “what could i have done differently!!!”.  The answer is nothing.  And we all do this.  But ya know what?  IT’S NOT YOU.  Trust me.  When this happens remind yourself that it has nothing to do with you.  It is on them – mostly from lack of maturity and the inability to deal with conflict and confrontation.  Any of the other reasons do not matter.  (and both genders do this btw, not just dudes)

Also, if you have done this… please stop.  It’s a thousand times worse to not know than to know.

Ok well now that we’ve all turned on The Smiths and had a good cry about ourselves, go out and enjoy your life.

Love Ya’ll

- Rachel



*Don’t be mean to comic artists!

~ Ghosting ~

So i finished my most recent comic but sadly my printer and scanner have decided to not work, so it may take a while before we see it :(

Until then, here are some sneak previews






obviously its crappy looking, but Ill upload the finished comic as soon as I get my scanner working!



- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

Also if anyone is finding me from the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival I want to say HELLO!  And thanks for stopping by!

This weekend I was asked to do a piece for the MAAF in Logan Square, which included a live painting and drawing session !



Check back soon for some more updates – i have some cool stuff going on !