Allow myself to introduce… Myself…


I am… hmmm too difficult.  Welcome to the beginning of Things I’ve Seen and Heard.

PURPOSE:  Lent begins today.  40 days of desert and desire.  I want to walk you through my life for 40 days.

Let us begin.

I live in the best city in Michigan.

This city is:

  • cold
  • artsy
  • full of coffee shops
  • hipster central
  • “the epicenter of progressive culture”
  • the Christian capitol of the midwest
  • close to water
  • historic
  • clean
  • home to a lot of amazing comic artists (including myself possibly)
  • home

Let’s get to know each-other.

Here are some glimpses of me:

This is the view from my front living room window.  We have snow.




Let me introduce you to my plants.

This is Seymour – he’s a baby Venus Fly Trap.  Seymour had a brother, Rupert, but he died.


This is Seamus – he’s my favorite.  I’ve had him for 6 years.  Seamus is a Christmas Cactus and grows hot pink flowers in the winter (although this year he didn’t :(

Below are some other plants and flowers we have on our FANTASTIC bay window that I adore.  Items included dried flowers, funeral flowers, Seamus, a dead rosemary tree, and a recovering chive plant named Stanly II.








This is my painting corner.  Sometimes I paint.  I did that painting this past November.  I don’t really like it.

Well, it’s now 11 p.m. and I have to wake up at 6 a.m. to make it in time for the Ash Wednesday service.

It was nice to meet you; let’s talk again.


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