Mardis Gras

Yesterday was Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, so it was a very FULL day of eating.

For lent I am giving up

  • all animal product
  • coffee
  • refined sugar

I took pictures of what I ate yesterday (so for the low quality but theyre from my phone):

I had two Panczkis for breakfast.

I work at a Cafe and we have really good food – i think that is going to make this really hard.  I’m already vegetarian, but giving up ALL animal?  Sad face.

For lunch I had a Spinach Quiche with mozzarella and asparagus.  I also had a small bowl of one of my favorite soups – Spicy Carrot Bisque.

Goodbye my sweet cream

I also had a small mocha frappe, but couldn’t take a picture of it.

for dinner I went to my favorite restaurant with two good friends of mine.  I split an Adult Grilled Cheese with Bakkes

All three of us shared the Turkish Coffee

And then to top it off, we somehow managed to devour three Magical Chocolate Puddings (trust me this is not normal pudding but is in fact a magic combination of pudding, mousse and fudge.  You have to be there to understand).

Magic Pudding

Needless to say I went home feeling very sick – but also very happy.

Well i must be off.  Next time we meet it shall be

Day ONE.


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