well loves, I was way too tired yesterday to write so I will be doing two today.

Yesterday was rough.  I don’t think I’ve ever wanted coffee so badly before.   For lunch i was able to eat one of our soups – vegetable chili – with LOTS of kettle chips.

Later I had my comics group – did I mention I draw comics?  here is a comic version of me I drew:

It was ok.

I wish I had gone to the small music show I was invited to – I probably would have had a better time.  HOWEVER – we did end up meeting at Brick Road and I split a vegan philly cheese steak  with Bakkes.  It was good, but i accidently ate the mushrooms in it (and im allergic).

Of course… I ended up eat massive amounts of pasta when i got home.  I had a major Bridget Jones night (mostly because of silly chaps).

but no worries.


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