Three, Four, Five

I have really been lacking in my blogging and for no real reason – merely laziness.


The past three days have been HARSH on the coffee front.  Today i was almost ready to slit my wrist for some coffee.  eeeeeeeeegggggg.

I have never missed it this much.

But Friday was a good day full of activity to take my mind off of it.  My friend ben helped me pick up a FREE light table – it was a perfect day.  It was so warm that we were able to sit outside WITHOUT COATS… did i mention that it’s February in Michigan?  That just doesn’t happen.  At one point Ben and I were riding on the back of the truck in the sunshine… so poetic.  PLUS I now have a beautiful and free light table!

I ate two veggie burgers and lots of bread.  PLUS i had a highly caffeinated tea that in the end did NOT satisfy my coffee crazy.  However, I did enjoy drinking it while talking to Zachary about books and reading The Tales of Beedle the Bard in the corner of his book shop.

All in all, a good day.  I also spent Thursday and Friday watching both seasons of Skins – which i’m slightly ashamed of – but couldn’t help it – I GOT ADDICTED!

Saturday I worked – and since i work at a cafe I had a hard time dealing ESPECIALLY having the mint chocolate fudge dipped cookies in front of my face.

Luckily I didn’t give up alcohol this year cause I went out to Founders and had a beer and listened to some AMAZING music.

Today I slept in and was able to sleep for 9 1/2 HOURS!!!!   I had oatmeal with organic maple syrup and homemade blueberry jam for breakfast and vegetable curry for lunch.  Later I went to The Meanwhile for the litribune and ben’s birthday and bakkes and I got vegan cheeseburger pizza – YUM.

Ben is on the left

Oh yeah plus a few drinks… i do have to admit i cheated a little because i had two amaretto sours and it probably had refined sugar in it.  Oh well.  Im still hungry.

Good night ya’ll.

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