I have a big pretty Canon Rebel XT, and I love it, but sometimes I wish I had a little point and shoot so I could post more pictures.  Maybe for now ill just post internet photos…

Ignore the fact that this says Kodak on it.


For breakfast I had Kashi Heart Healthy cereal – which i admit I like mostly for the heart shapes <3  I ate it with soy milk and raw cane sugar and it was very yummy.  I had chai tea with it and drank that pretty much all day.

For lunch i made myself an AMAZING salad:  Spinach with olive oil and vinegrette dressing topped with roasted artichokes, cucmbers, red onions and sliced granny smith apples -YUM!!!

I just finished up dinner and it was pretty good if I do say so myself – i just had vegetables fried in olive oil with Bragg’s and red pepper – with a side of lefgt over pizza bread from work (YUM!)

So I bought a special present for myself with my tax money – and iPOD TOUCH!  I’ve wanted one for so long and I heart it.  I even named it Lorelei :)

Well i am going to get off and get some things organized – hopefully ill have some comics to show soon.


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