Eight, Nine

I honestly don’t even remember yesterday that well – what did I have?  Oh yeah, another bowl of Kashi Healthy Heart :) For lunch I had salad and chips.

Remember my friend Ben I told you about?  I drew a comic of him.


I’m really proud of this.

For dinner i had… bread of some sort I think?  I really dont remember.


Today I had… you guessed it… CEREAL!

For lunch i had a soft pretzel with mustard and homemade salsa with tortilla chips – the salsa at our cafe is fresh and homemade and it is sooooo good.  Very satisfying.

I had another chai today.  Ok I had two.  BUT ITS THE ONLY THING THAT HELPS THE COFFEE CRAVINGS


For dinner I had curried Chick Peas with whole grain bread – mmmmmmm so good.



Im also currently eating another half french baguette with oil and salt.


On a grosser note – all of this “lack of coffee and refined sugar” and such has made my body start it’s own detox – which is good!  Just … not in a very comfortable way.  I thought it was because I was eating a lot more beans, but its been a while since I’ve had some and i am still… hmm… flatulent and what not.  So right now I am also drinking a certain chocolate tea to help :)



I also want to point out that I am currently watching Curly Sue – one of my favorite  movies growing up and I haven’t seen it it years!



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