Ten and Eleven

The past few days have been pretty productive, though yesterday was HORRIBLE.  The weather was disgusting, the bus driver missed my spot and i broke three beer bottles at work before i was even clocked in.


But after work I went to a house show with Bakkes and it was really fun – lots of smelly artsy people and great music was just what I needed.

Bridge St. Special

For breakfast I ate melon and had some more chocolate tea.

For lunch a had a grilled peanut butter sandwich with fruit.

For dinner I had vegetarian chili with tortilla chips and some dark chocolate – :)

Today I had an uh oh though – Bakkes and I went grocery shopping and they a bakery and deli and what not and I hadn’t had breakfast yet so we split a glazed twist donut :(

But i had great self control and only had the one sugary delight and it wasn’t even that satisfying!  But I couldn’t.  Bakkes gave up pop and biting her nails – and she has been biting her nails so HEY NO ONES PERFECT!

Bakkes resists temptation in the Soft Drink Aisle

For lunch I had a bean and rice burrito.

Bakes and I went down to Holland to see Casiotone for the Painfully Alone , but when we got there we found out that the show was actually on Friday… whoops.  SO we just hung out at the coffee shop he was supposed to play in.




I fell off the wagon today – but im ok with it.  At Lemonjellos I had a Lucky Shake with soy (but tons of sugar).


Oh yeah… and I had a vegan snickerdoodle… IM NOT ASHAMED!

Lemonjellos was playing too much coldpaly and jack johnson so we scadaddled to explore Holland at night – BOOORRRRING – but we still had a good time.


























We also stopped for some beer and hard cider at NEW HOLLAND BREWERY  – kind of a letdown though (I can’t help it – im spoiled by founders and bells).

































Today was super beautiful:

































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