Today was a pretty good day:  I went to church for the first time in two  months and it was good – this is a picture of my pastor standing in a boat. On stage.  During his sermon.  And this is normal.

For lent, we are going through Jonah.

For breakfast I had a piece of Everything Bagel and later at the Sparrows I had two cinnamon teas with a little soy in each of them – that left me not very hungry all day.

When I got home Bakes and I made vegan cookie dough but it was only OK.  Then I had another burrito :)

Bakes and I watched Whip It (which btw is cliche but totally awesome).

Im not feeling so good though, not sure why.

Im also still hungry.

Today I want cheese – and not just any cheese – fake cheese.  Cheese powder.  Cheese powder pocket and a dorito or macaroni.

I want it so bad.


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