Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen

Soo… not even have way through and I have seriously fallen off the wagon.

And I feel like crap (physically)

I don’t even remember Monday – so don’t ask me about  Monday.

Tuesday I woke up early and took pictures for an hour and made $100.  Then I worked 7 hours.

Unfortunately, we also just started seelling Oreo Dream bars and… I fell of.   No… I jumped off – dove even.  It was worth it.

then after work, a bunch of us had free tickets to a 3D premiere of Alice and Wonderland!

and that being said… i had some movie popcorn.   Worth it – but i felt crapy afterwards.

ALSO – Alice is a good one – not really worth to pay the extra for 3D, but definitely worth a watch.

But I did buy some more veggie cheese and Veganaise :)

Today I had cereal :)

with Irish Breakfast Tea – the closest thing to coffee you can get in a tea (and coffee is the one that I haven’t cheated on yet :)


For lunch I had Veggie Chili with a grilled peanutbutter and jelly sandwich <3


For dinner I had bread, carrots and…


ANNIE’S MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!!!  I fee like a failure.


and then I finished off a bag of semisweet chocolates.  Whoops.


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