Sixteen and Seventeen, Eighteen

Wow talking about falling off the horse

In the past two days I have had pasta with cheese and a peanut bar bar from HEAVEN.  Mmmmmmmmmm

But Thursday I had some good stuff – Later Bakkes and I split a vegan cheeseburger pizza and then I had LOTS of alcohol :)

Last night (after my peanutbutter bar) I had hummus and taboule and it was so GOOD.  Taboule = yum.

Today I ve been doing better.  I bought some veggie cheese and used it to make toast pizzas (with olives and red pepper salsa :)


Im also drinkning some more of that chocolate tea.


but later of course, I did go to the Meanwhile again, and I had an Amaretto Sour and a Vernalor?   Whiskey and Vernors (I wasn’t feeling like beer for some reason).

Of course, before we went there we made a stop at brick road and i had some vegan chocolate cheesecake :)

But later Ben shared his cheesy focaccia bread with me, and at first i was like… no i shouldn’t… but then i did anyway.  And it was so so so good.


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