Epic Fail

First Fail :  i am just not doing a very good job at keeping lent.  I pretty much heat sugar and milk everyda… whoops

Second Fail : I havent updated in a while – IVE BEEN SWAMPED!

Third : lent doesnt count on sundays – DID YOU KNOW THAT?!?!?!

Last, probably not Least : I had a lot of coffee yesterday.

St Patty’s day was SO GOOD.  I don’t know even know why.  Work was nice – lots of beautiful men came in and Blair Jacque and I were just laughing all day long.

It was also BEAUTIFUL and after work Bakkes and I met up at Brick Road for their VEGAN GARBAGE PLATE (macaroni salad, black beans, spiced potatoes, beer bread and tons of mustard and ketchup – sounds gross but believe me IT’S NOT)  while waiting for Bakkes I saw Nick sitting outside the Sparrows working on a watercolor project so i sat and said Hi.  Ben was working so he came out for a ciggy and we hung out till Bakkes showed up.

We took our delicious dish to the Meanwhile (of course, it was st pattys day!) and we had a few drinks and drew some comics.  I had a ton of fun – i always have fun drinking and drawing though :)  So I decided to cheat that day because i really wanted Baileys and coffee – AND IT WAS AMAZING – like orgasmic.  I treated Bakkes and myself to a White Russian and then Blair showed up and bought me a Jameson shot.  Ben said my choices were classy :)

And as if yesterday wasn’t good enough – TODAY HAS BEEN AMAZING SO FAR.  Except for being slightly hung over at work today, it seemed to go by quickly and when I got out I went to pick up my bike at Commute Bike Shop.  In case you’re wondering, Commute is owned and run by one of the most beautiful young men I’ve ever encounted … such a babe and so nice – plus owns a bike shop? SERIOUSLY!!!

Anyway – had the sweetest ride home – warm, sunshine, and sailing through the streets with Vampire Weekend singing in my ears :)

finished my homework comic – had to use the words “Egg beater”, “Monkey”, “Spittoon”


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