Twenty, Twenty One

OOOO man – it is SO BEAUTIFUL in Michigan now – I’ve been riding my bike everywhere!

Yesterday was better (on my part).  For breakfast I had a Naked OJ and a piece of bread (yeah not awesome in general, but hey, no milk or sugar right?)

For lunch I had a grilled artichoke sandwich with basil pine nut pesto, onions, tomato and cucumber – AND IT WA VERY GOOD.  For lunch desert i had a lindoor dark choc truffle … DONT JUDGE ME!

Dinner I had a cinnamon bagel followed by a plain bagel oven toasted with salsa and veggie cheese on top.

Then I had an Amaretto Sour – syrupy and delicious – and a Bellaire Brown (total $6 – score!)

Today I started out with a big surprise – Healthy Heart with soy and some of my g-pas blueberry jam :)


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