so this blog keeps morphing into different things – and why not? it’s my blog I can do whatever the hell i want right?  im considering making it a “tell a story with pictures blog” only, or maybe one word – or maybe not.  Although i still love talking about my food.

specking of!

I had an AMAZING lunch today.  A quesadilla made with leftover black beans from work, mozzarella, parmigian, minced jalapenos, minces roasted red peppers, and grilled together in tomato basil wrap or melty goodness!

and for DESERT!  i had a small bowl of vanilla soft serve ice cream with a little bit of Kahlua Truffle coffee poured into the bottom – very French, very decadent, very delicious.

now i am enjoying a nice beer and im going to bed soon.  Yay!


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