its was unbelievably beautiful outside when i got out of work today but I couldnt even enjoy it because i was SO TIRED! and it took me an hour to walk home.  why?  BECAUSE MY FUCKING BIKE STILL ISN’T FIXED!  Im officially NOT a fan of commute bike shop.

Today i didn’t eat very well or excitingly at all.  I had an asiago cheese bagel for breakfast, half a bowl of watery carrot bisque (so disappointing), made up for it with an oreo brownie (bad) and then came home and had another asiago cheese bagel with a side of fried cauliflower.  blargh

i spent the beautiful day inside coloring my stupid comic.  i say stupid simply because i am a grumpy gus and i just want to go for a freaking bike ride and sleep, which i havent been getting enough of this week.

here’s a little sneak peak :)

im watching Julia and Julia for the third time, the second time in a week.  I just love it – I LOVE FOOD!

im going to sit back finish my ceylon tea and my movie and probably read through my roomie’s veggie cookbook


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