Bad Girl, watcha gonna do

I know I know… what kind of comic artist doesnt even do comics, or shows comics to the public – ME THATS WHO.

What can i say?  In the past three 1/2 weeks I moved, finally fixed my computer, and went to Bonnaroo… and then spent a week recovering from Bonnaroo (dont laugh it was necessary)

Im getting things back on track though – room is still kind of messy but Im trying to do 5 billion things at one time.  I have had a day off since bonnaroo cause ive been running around and visited my family and what not.

As for work I just started a new comic ABOUT Bonnaroo entitled – Bonnaroo is not for the Innocent.  I think it’ll be good.

Today I got to see David Small, author of “Stitches” really good book, odd man.  Doesnt even like Graphic Novels.  I did however get to meet a few local illustrators and authors who were there, and my friend Ryan introduced me to them as the next Lynda Barry – WHAT?!?!?!  whatever ryan… *blush*

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