Happy Birthday America, Now Let’s Blow a Piece of You Up

I had a thought today.  I used to think that I wanted a close family – ones who gets together at christmas and birthdays – one that really loves each other, has fun together, etc.  But today…  im not sure I want that.  If i ever get married, I thought that i would want my husband to have this big family, one thats really involved and wants us around… but I think im taking that back.

I visited a friend today and I thought it was just going to be a few of us.. but it was A LOT of FAMILY.  Too much.  Too many annoying dumb people with annoying dumb kids and annoying dumb dogs.  I dislike 90% of american people, chances are Im going to marry into one.  Im no longer looking forward to it.

SO today is July 4th, and really I could give a rat’s ass about July 4th.  At this very moment I am sitting in my room listening to the fireworks that are shot over river.  If there wasnt a tree outside my windo id probably be able to see them.  I think its kind of cool when I cant see fireworks; it makes me feel like what someone really would have heard during the revolutionary war – its kinda cool to think about it.

For the most part… i hate this holiday.

I made a Scott Pilgrim Avatar


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