Lurving Life

The week started off great with a viewing of Annie Hall at our local theatre (that only shows artsy movies or cult classic!)  Afterwards had a long island with some gurls and discussed… life.  It encouraged, inspired and totally freaked me out.  I talked about how I wanted to go to The Center for Cartoon Studies but I don’t have any money and I dont really have a style (ive only been doing this a year… not even).  And … man I love Grand Rapids but I really feel like a need to get out of year… but Im sad to leave.  Either way it was thrown in my face that i need to stop making excuses and if I want to do something then i need to do.  If i dont have enough money then i need to go get some money – get another job and work my ass off.  Ok.  If I want to go then I  need to go – grand rapids isn’t going anywhere.   Whew *whipes sweat off my brow*

It doesn’t change the fact that I am currently very very poor – like the in trouble kind.  My hours have been cut and IM not making as much.  I have zero money for next week.  Not even for food.  And it is stressing me out.   Im on the job hunt but so far I havent heard back from ANYONE.

So back to Annie Hall – i forgot how completely brilliant it is.  AND how correlated it is to 2010, especially 2010 grand rapids – everyone in that movie was a hipster and didnt even know it.  Plus Harry Potter made an appearance.


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