Live from The Middle East

Yesterday I actually made my Lucy Knisley comic – I KNOW i can’t believe it either.  I’ve been wanting to tell her how much I love her ever since her 80’s Harry Potter comic came out last fall.

I still have to finish the letter though (im just so nervous!)

Of course, I haven’t even touched my Bonnaroo comic.  Sometimes I wonder how I will ever become a comic artist if I dont even want to ever finish a comic.

HOWEVER I did draw this gem:

The Apartment Hipster

Not even close to doing him justice though.  He was so tall and sooooo thin and oh so very tan.  His burnt red hair was also a lot higher, more moussed and, in a weird way, elegant.  I felt slightly timid and enamored with his presence.  I drew this quickly to show Sara, after which she provided the amazing quote above :)

After having two beautiful days off, going to work today was a huge struggle.  We had a wicked storm last night which disrupted my sleep, and since ive been waking up closer to 10 lately, waking up at 7:50 was not terribly inviting.  Thats why i reset the alarm to 8 30 and raced to make it by 9 :)

But when i got there… a waAAAve of stress came over me and i wasn’t sure if i wanted to cry, quit, or stuff a pokey bomb down my manager’s throat and throw her at a customer.  Im sure thats normal.  The two highlights were my favorite summer customer who always makes me smile and my friend Fred who came to visit me – who also always makes me smile.   I guess the third highlight could be leaving…. but I made it through without anyone murders and watched Daria the rest of the day.

Tonight I am going to go out and celebrate an old friend’s birthday with same 1/2 michigan beers on the sunny sunsetting patio of my favorite alcoholic watering hole.

Until then I am going to keep listening to these guys ’cause I cannot get enough:


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