La La La La La… This is my stop.

Couldn’t be more happy with life right now.  Not that anything is so terribly grande or anything – still poor, still unpublished, still going to bed by myself every night in a bed thats too big for just me.

But MAN do I love my life.  Today this is what I did:

I woke up at 10:30, snuggled with a kitty, danced round to beach house with roommate.

Biked to the Sparrows and used my free card for a blended latte, complimented by my chocolate chip scone.

Sat outside with my yummy breakfast, sketchbook, brush pens and itouch playing Fanfarlo perfectly into my eardrum.  Then it started to rain, and I sat at the table under the awning, sketching my heart out with rain drops falling inches away from my arm.

I decided to leave before it began lightening, so I gathered my belongings, changed music to Lykke Li and walked my bike home.  A few blocks into my walk I realized that my flip floppy feet were miserable, so I took them off (i’d done it before)


I usually hate being wet, but it was perfect for my poetic mood – and as I moseyed down historic Cherry St, with it’s dlightful shops and beautiful brick roads, I took every opportunity to jump in every puddle of warm rain I passed.

In my bedroom I sat at the window cuddling with Beru and watching the parking lot waterfall outside :)

I may not have a lot, but what I have I have a lot of.  And it is good.


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