Epic Weekend!

super great weekend!

first:  Synth Pop party at the Litribune house – so amazing

Stepdad and Nightlife – amazing



and then around 1 am the cops came and it was TIME TO GO!  First cop raided party @ 25 – nice!

then had a goodbye lunch @ Marie’s with glo glam

Last night I volunteered with Bakkes for Avenue for the Arts for some national historic convention group who was looking at historical things downton…. ya know.  SO it was awesome though :)  lots of cookies, petit-fours and free local beer – CHA CHING

Today I had to come to the realization that i cannot have dairy anymore – or at least i need to have it in INCREDIBLY SMALL AMOUNTS – my body just can’t handle it.  Saddest day of my life.

But its ok – look at this yummy vegan meal i made :) – Summer may be be almost over but here in West Michigan we’re still enjoing the fruits of summer :)

Zucchini/summer squash with angel hair and garlic


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