hope you’re hangin high cause im back where I started at

im equal parts pumped and frustrated in all different ways.

my new lactose intolerants has limited my food options, which is exciting that now I HAVE to change my diet to a vegan-istic form which potentially make me healthier all together.

however.. im hungry.  and poor. so ive been eating rice.  alot… alllooooottttt.


i also recently started reading the 2010 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrators Marketing Guide – AWESOME i am getting SO PUMPED  it’s so encouraging because this book is professional but the more I read the more i know I can do.

I wish I could just WORK ON MY ART!!  BLAHAHAHHAHA

that being said… here are some small one page doodles Ive made over the past few week:

one day blair and i saw this guy driving downtown -after i drew this a bunch of other people were like “ive totally seen that guy!”
WHO IS HE?!?!?!

our comics group was meeting at a restaurant in a side room and then woman just walked in, asked us for money and then stole a bunch of mustard and ketchup.  she is now known as the infamous ketchup bandit.

she comes in everyday,always afraid that we have raised the price of our newspapers.  cutest old crazy lady ever.


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