Dio de los Muertos! part 1

Today is November first, which means many different things

1.  It means that Halloween is OVER and i feel like there is kind of a void in my life now…

Go ahead and GUESS which one is mine

I made vegan pumpkin pie for the first time from SCRATCH

with a homemade oreo crust!

watched Hocus Pocus with some pretty cool people

and partied around town as the cutest witch there ever was


November first means:


3.  World Vegan Day!

here are some great vegan website that I enjoy:





3.  November first lies in the middle of the Diwali celebration, though the actual “Diwali Day” is on November 5th.

Either way, in celebration, tonight i am wearing my Salwaar Kameeni and cookin up some Veggie Curry and watch the best Bollywood movie of ALL TIME

and then of course there is the most important day of November.  The best day of the year, when all my dreams come true and we can join together as one to celebrate the most historic day of my life:


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