Tis the season to be EXHAUSTED

WOH ok… so yeah its been A WHILE since ive posted… why?

1. My computer wouldnt accept internet for a while, still don’t know why and it could happen at any minute!

2.  I went into a Harry Potter psychosis.

3. Christmas

4.  4th season of the IT crowd was released in AMERICA

5. Christmas

6.  ^ so tiring

7.  Christmas
BUT here we are and here i am, i have some goodies to share with you.

I recently had a show  in the bookstore i work at which involve all my latest illustrations.  They will be posted eventually as i take them down new years eve.

So until then, i hope everyone is resting after post holiday chaos, as i am not (so much work :/ so much cleaning >:/ so much unpacking!  :(

here’s a michigan band that i am currently obsessed with

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