The Suds

Again i have had no internet, and Im starting to get really irritated that this keeps happening.  On top of that i am have been incredibly sick (still am not 100%) and its been seriously slowing me down – no drawings, no updates, no life.

I finally finished another diary comic and cleaned it up today:

It was one of the best new years ever, and there is a part two coming soon!!!

Here is a rough example of the thankyou page for our first zine:

Not really much to see yet.

The oes you can’t really read are Tyler Richardon of CIV printing and publishing for letting us ask stupid questions without making fun of us, and Calvin Art Gallery for giving us a quiet place to work.



Thanks to the amazing CHOCOLATE AND CREAM CAKE  (who BTW is having a super sweet contest on her blog) I have now found my theme song (though i wish there was a little less Who and a little more BSG):

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