New half-finished comic

This comic hasnt been written yet because i am still experimentmenting with the using all pencil (which you can see didnt work that great).  i need to rescan it, but in general i really really like how it turned out and am interested in using pencil a little more often.



basically this comic is about how when i was little (from ages 5-10) i couldnt concentrate on homework, reading, writing and math, very well because to me all of the letters and numbers have personalities, colors, likes and dislikes.  For example, as seen above letters “U” and “T” are in the romantic stage of dating, but “S’ and “T” have been together away – they’re in love but they’re comfortable sensible in love.  “A” and “B” are both girls and are bff, and sometimes “D” (f) gets jealous of their closeness, so she takes it out on her husband “E”.  Yeah, not a joke – these are things i thought and still think about sometimes. It was really difficult for me to write d and e next to each other without feeling conflict.


But I couldnt tell anyone because i was already had it inserted into my enviroment that i was a disapointment and weird and imperfect.

Now i know that is probably a form of synesthesia, which is actually pretty cool.  but … o well.


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