The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said

I have months here in my great G-Rap – MERE MONTHS, so its time to start getting down and doin stuff.

Last night Bakkes and I went to the Grand Coney – a GR landmark and a greasy spoon of which i have NEVER BEEN.

And then we decided to make a list – a list of EVERYTHING we need to do before I jet.

The Good-Bye List

So Roller Derby – see post below

Comics with Sarah Scott and El

Grand Coney – CHECK

Sufjan/Danielson documentary (Sara’s never seen itand soof is ADORABLE in it)

A photo shoot of us and our awesome apartment – believe me its photo shoot worthy

Breathe Owl Breathe is playing this month, but i probably cant even see them cause they play when i work!

Graham’s Band – a guy whom over the past three years both sara and i have had a crush on at some point, and who is awkwardly enough now my awesome coworker

Mad Max Marathon – needs no explanation

Star Wars Ep.3 – Im banishing the second trilogy from my life for good, but SARA has never seen it, and even though its horrible it still needs to be seen.

How I Met Your Mother is my fav show and Ive seen every episode.  Thats more for Sara.

More Bollywood – cause I have 10 bollywood movies and Saras only seen 1 1/2 – UNACCEPTABLE

Van’s Pastry Shoppe – another GR landmark ive never visited.  Im not going to worry too much about my Dairy intolerance.

Our friend Sarah wants to do a SuperHero art exhibit, where you draw yourself as a superhero.  we’re doin’it.

We probably wont finish battlestar galactica together, but we are going to try.

snuggling is a given.  but it will mostly be with winston.

Our apartment is big and old and beautiful with a wide front lawn that overlooks a beautiful street with lovely homes, so we’re def. having a spring picnic.

Burgertime Tournament.  CHECK


and more to come


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