Dear Catastrophe Waitress

So some of your are probably wondering “Arent you supposed to be some kind of comic artist?  Where are all your supposed ‘stories’?”

Well theres a few reasons for that.

1.  I quit one one of my jobs so i have a little less money so I dont go to the sparrows as much, which is where i did a lot of my drawing.

2.  Its hard to find time or concentrate at home as the apartment currently looks like Grey Gardens from Sara and my deep cleaning, packing and preparing for yard saling.

3.  I dont have consistent access to a scanner.

4.  AT&T is an ahole and i never have good internet.

5.  Shut the hell up

However there have been some developments with my good bye list!

(not featured on the actual list: breakfast at San Chez !)

asparagus and herb goat cheese omelet - totally not vegan, but totally worth the stomach ache


San Chez is normally a Spanish Tapas restaurant, but i dont care about that, everyone knows their breakfast is the bomb, and now i KNOW it is – first and last time (probably)

*not pictured: a vegan coconut magic bar – holy crap.



Lykke Li is back on the playlist – not my favorite song from her new album, but its the only one on youtube *shrugs shoulders*



there’s this too *swoon*


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