or at least people that I vaguely know who are reading this

As some of you may have read earlier this year, i was accepted into the masters program for the Center for Cartoon Studies!


Sure, but what is NOT exciting is the fact that I am in serious trouble

I am 100% independent – no spouse, no family support, and not huge trust fund waiting for me.

My biggest concern right now is being able to MOVE from Here to White River Junction, VT (a trip that is going to cost about $1000

Thats why I need your help

I created this website:  LIFE FOR SALE – it’s only in its beginning stages; there’s LOTS more to come!

I also have an online shop where you can buy my homemade, organic vegan jams and goodies

If you’re not interested in purchasing anything, please check out the DONATIONS section of LIFE FOR SALE – Im offering some pretty cool prizes for donations



2 thoughts on “HELP

  1. I don’t get paid until next Thursday, but I will definitely try to help out some. I think it’s so awesome that you’re going to the Center for Cartoon Studies!

  2. thank you for the support Mandy, it really means a lot! I have two months to get everything under control, so there’s no extreme urgency – be sure to check out the donations section cause you can get some cool stuff :)

    and be sure to ask your friends if they’re looking for cheap clothes, useless objects, really good homemade snacks, or original art by an unknown artist ;)

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