Ok, Universe

Im not going to have a TON of internet access for a while because two days ago my power chord broke, and i have a shitty circa 2005 gateway, so its not like i can run out and get a new one.  While we’re waiting for it to arrive ive been borrowing computers here and there to do work and take care of business.  I have about an HOUR of free time with the computer today, YAY!


My favorite Blogger, Mandy, from CHOCOLATE&CREAMCAKE posted this meme and I couldn’t help but try it myself.  I agree with everyone that it really makes me reminisce wasting time on MySpace during boring moments at my college job.

*Sorry not on my own computer, so no picture of available at this time.

Age: 25

Bed size: Full, but trying to sell it before I move

Chore you hate:  Mopping.  I HATE it.. basically I don’t do it.  And I dont care what you think of me!

Dogs:  Cat; Winston

Essential start of your day:  Going back to sleep.

Favorite color:  Cranberry?

Gold or silver:  Silver

Height: 5’4″

Instruments I play (or have played): drums, piano, trumpet, bass guitar

Job title: server/hostess/ARTIST

Kids:  gross

Live:  Grand Rapids suckaasss

Mom’s name:  Nancy Gail

Nickname:  Rach, Bachel, R-Fo, cherla, clarence-jo, Ra-Hell

Overnight hospital stays:  Once when I was about 5 or 6 i passed out at my grandmas and starting seizing.  They kept me overnight for safety, but to this day no one knows what caused it.

Pet peeve:  Basically the existence of 90% of the human race is a pet peeve of mine…

Quote:   “Do I contradict myself?  Very well, I contradict myself.  I am large; I contain multitudes.”  – Walt Whitman

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings:  1/2 sister somewhere out there, whole sister, two stepsisters, one brother-in-law.  im the baby!

Time you wake up: Between 8 and 11

Underwear:  … yes?

Vegetables you dislike:  canned

What makes you run late:  nothing, it doesnt happen. but i suppose ninjas or zombies would makes me want to stay inside.

X-rays you’ve had done: Teeth, wrist, back, foot

Yummy food you make:  the most amazing jams ever, vegan macNcheeze, eggplant fritters, apple tea cake

Zoo animal:  TIGERS, but i want them to be free, with no poachers!

Hope you enjoyed my answers. Please let me know if you take part – I’d love to read yours!


FIRST LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


melting into a puddle as we speak


Along with watching the entire star wars trilogy this week ive also been on a punk kick.  and then yesterday i found out that poly styrene died – now ive never really been that into her, but you GOTTA love a chick who can rock out.

So here is a list i made:

rock on, babe


I put a TON more clothes on my LIFE FOR SALE website.  A lot more to come (shoes, books, movies, art and more!)

Again, Im selling stuff to raise money for school, so please feel free to browse or look at the donations page.


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