Superficial Saturday

Welcome to superficial saturday.  It is YET AGAIN cold and rainy outside (wasn’t this supposed to happen last month?) and I am stuck on the couch with the sniffles, eating a very nonvegan donut with exquisite irish breakfast tea and watching chilren of dune.  Whilst looking dreamily at James McAvoy, i was recalling a conversation between sara and I the other night where we both listed and explained our top 5 most for most beautiful men in Grand Rapids, which we were both in almost complete agreement about.  We then offered our top 5 most favorite beautiful men celebrities, and we were NOT in agreement about that.

Since i can’t share the Grand Rapids men because that would be extremely creepy (though two have nicknames: beautiful johnny and  hot ben) i CAN share my top 5 favorite celebrity crushes.

*lets make it clear, there is no substance behind this.

5.  Saif Ali Khan

Saif is a Bollywood star, and since i am a crazed bollywood fanatic, I know all about ‘im.  He seems ever so douchey in real life, but his best characters are always silly and endearing, and … geezus just look at his eyes *melt*

4.  Richard Armitage

i first saw Armitage in the Vicar of Dibley, but didn’t fall in love until North & South.  Then of course he plays the sexy, yet mostrous, Guy of Gisborne in BBC’s Robin hood.  Sara doesn’t agree, but he has these looks… and this voice… *melt*

3.  Jonas Armstrong

Ok, I’ll admit – part of the attraction is the Robin Hood thing…  but he is truly a ridiculously good looking man – if you haven’t watched ROBIN HOOD , you should.

2. Sufjan Stevens

Seriously… if i have to explain why I love Sufjan I shouldn’t even be talking to you.  He’s beautiful inside and out, his voice sounds like a cloud, he’s a musical prodigy and he’s just … perfection.  He also reigns from my part of the world, of which i am very proud.  And were I to ever be married and Soof stopped at my door and asked me to run away with him all I’d say is “let me grab my phone charger”.  woudn’t even question it.

On this sara and I are in complete agreement


number one

brrbrbrbrrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr ( <— drumroll)

1.  Jason Segel

He caught my heart has the adorable bumbly Nick Andopolis and then made me completely smitten years later on How I Met Your Mother, i was done, he had me.  But no – he doesnt stop.  He just continues to be adorable in everything he does, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO the new Muppet Movie.  Total. Babe.

<3 Love <3

of course according to this video, me might not ever be together, as i have a irrational fear of inanimate objects with human characteristics (such as puppets…)


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