Much LOVE Monday: Sister <3

Right now I am displaced – in between here and there – and i dont have a lot of money.

But one thing I do have right now, is my sister :)

Right now I am living in her dining room, for FREE, and even though its pretty boring and kind of sad being away from my town and my friends, im having a great time with her and my niece and nephews.  I dont know what i would have done without her support.

Much love big sister :)


p.s. wasn’t I the cutest kid EVER!?!






5 thoughts on “Much LOVE Monday: Sister <3

  1. Such a pretty picture. It’s so nice when you can lean on family during difficult times. Happy Monday. I’m surfing Much Love Monday now.

    • My sister is a lot older than me and started a family young, so we’ve never really been in the same place. Ive never really appreciated her till now, and ive never been more thankful to have her as a big sister :)

  2. Isn’t this post just so sweet? I think it’s good that we take the time to cherish the moments we have with our family and loved ones, especially when life can get so hectic these days! dropping by from MLM!

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