im back!

Ok, kids, here we go:

Officially residing in White River Junction, VT, though not officially a resident (6 months for residency).

So far I am LOVING it.

I literally have mountains in my backyard… actually i think it would be more accurate to say that I am living on a mountain.

I found a good job at a cafe RIGHT away and getting about 30 hours a week.  Its allowed me to meet some great people, and being here only a week I’d say i have about… 5 official friends

not bad i’d say

anywho everything is going good so far – people are friendly, or as friendly as they are anywhere i guess.  winston is doing good, which makes me happy :)  roommate is nice, its beuatiful, people here actually care about where there food comes from so restaurants use FRESH tomatoes, local health store i can walk to and get all the vegetarian and vegan items i desire – all in all a GREAT place to move to.

Missing:  my bigger, cheaper apartment.  the local music and music venues.  the cool people :)


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