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Ok, i am FULLY aware of the fact that the reason why this winter has been so warm is because of Global Warming and I absolutely agree that it’s horrible and everything… and to be honest I have really missed having a good hard winter (i havent even had a chance to make  a snowman…)  But instead of always complaing about weather, if its too hot or too cold or to blah blah blah – why not appreciate what you have when you have it?  Ive been able to wear regular shoes instead of boots all week, I’ve had my windows open breathing fresh cool mountain air, and i went on TWO Bike rides in February… IN FEBRUARY!!!!  You can’t say thats not awesome.

So, therefore, today’s Much Love Monday is dedicated to Warm Winter days







If you would like to participate in MUCH LOVE MONDAY check out Anna’s Blog!


5 thoughts on “Much LOVE Monday: WARM WINTER

  1. It’s currently the peak of Summer over here but I can’t say I’m not secretly hoping for a mild Winter myself when it does finally roll around.
    Is that you in those shots? They’re absolutely lovely!

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