The Best Worst Thing

Its been cold and rainy the past 48 hours, but Saturday was beautiful, which is why this happened saturday morning:


Yes, this was a true story – he just REALLY wanted an early start to the day i guess… so obviously i was up at 6 am and began drawing this page!  I did all of this in one day AND had to go to work that day, which is pretty impressive for me.  Im glad to know that I can throw down a finished page in less than a day, even if it doesnt happen very often.

A fellow cartoonist also recently mentioned that i need more spot blacks in my comics, so this was a great opportunity to start practicing.  Spotting blacks is one of those things that, especially when you’re learning on your own, you dont notice until its pointed out.  That’s one of the great reasons for living here (or one of the ONLY reasons…), that even though im not in school, im learning so much from others by simply watching, having conversations and building relationships.



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Featured Artist Section


Melanie really does not need a feature or my help throwing her name out there cause she has MAD SKILLS that get peoples attention all on their own

Melanie is about to graduate from the Center of Cartoon Studies here in White River Junction Vermont and she is without a doubt one of the best artists i have ever seen and have the pleasure to know.  She also makes amazingly delicious Vegan stew. Trust me.

She just started sharing her new project, As the Crow Flies – check it out, but beware, you’re going to get HOOKED.

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On pandora today, an old obscure band i saw in college came up and it was an AWESOME blast from the past – i had completely forgotten about this song, but its perfectly fitting for my life right now

here’s the only clip of it on the internet ->    sanawon

i need to break out that album again…

peace out bros!


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