Keep Me On Your Mind

A few things in this post so bear with me


I have two more Haikus that I finished in March but never posted and i think i might stop for a while.  Ive been drawing fuller, lengthier diary comics lately, or one pages of something going on in this life.  The Haikus were a device for learning to write, make panels, and practice different comic art skills (not that im done learning by ANY means, but seriously look at the difference from now and a year ago!)  Im kind of ready to move on to something else.

Im not saying that im done with Haiku Comics forever, because I really enjoy them… but for now, maybe a break.

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Laurel Holden

Now back in the day when we were getting our acceptance letters and meeting each-other in the online forum (and facebook stalking each-other… ADMIT IT), i was immediately smitten with Laurel because… her comics are HILARIOUS

and as you can see, also super true :)

Laurel just gave me a copy of her CCS Mini-Thesis – ROSIE GARDNER AND THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF FATES!


Check out her stuff, give her a holler!

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I will be taking a short break of the internets.  I dont know how long.  Could be a week?  Could be a month?  I need to get focused and calm my self down a bit cause there is a lot going on right now, and when i feel physically and emotionally ready ill be back and better than ever!

In the mean time ill be working on other comics, fan comics, and a new story ive been working titled “Were You Expecting a Happy Ending?”  Which should take all of the summer to finish, if not longer.


Be sure to stop in, or email me at !

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This song came up in my itunes on shuffle today – its always been one of my favorite songs, but i realized that its actually relative to my life right now.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

the world is my oyster – see ya on the flip side

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