Featured Artist: Drew Damron

I’ve been doing things a little differently in this here blog, i know ALL of you are on the edge of your seats about it.   Before I used to combine posts, but from now on they will be individual.

To christen the new Featured Artist section, i introduce to you my good friend DREW DAMRON!

Drew was my co-leader for the Grand Rapids Comics Society and also Co-FOUNDED the group!  SInce we met he has been, not only an encouraging friend, but a also a teacher, inspiring me to draw more, learn more, keep going.  If it wasn’t for Drew, I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am as an artist and I may have never known about the Center for Cartoon Studies.

– –

He just sent me two of his new comics, so now I am a proud owner of the ENTIRE Drew Damron Collection!

Dreyfus, Today…, Mindful Eating, Comics for Something, Hellenistic Philosophies

My favorite has always been Mindful Eating.  ITS BEAUTIFUL.

excerpt from Mindful Eating

Check out his stuff – this kid is going places!

-Comics for Something

-Comics for Something on Facebook

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