in real-time

Due to the nature and subject matter of the comic i have decided to not post it to the site.  It’s a very important, but very personal and serious message.  I’M NOT LOOKING FOR PITY, i just want to share my story, all my stories… even the uncomfortable ones.

If you are interested you can view it on my tumblr – NSFW


2 thoughts on “in real-time

  1. My goodness, you’ve brought me to tears.

    This is incredible. It’s an extremely brave thing to post. I’m not sure when this happened to you but it happened to me 8 years ago. Assuming your experience was more recent than mine, I will tell you that it does get better. It doesn’t go away. You’ll always remember and you’ll always be aware that it happened. It will always be there in the background, like the undercurrent of your life. But it won’t hurt so much anymore. It won’t define everything you do and form the basis of every decision you make.

    For me, I am, in a way, glad that I had that experience. It made me who I am today. It started a chain of events that directly linked to me meeting my fiancé and having the incredible life I have now. I am so happy with my life, and myself, at the moment and I wouldn’t have had this if it wasn’t for that one experience.

    It’s the worst thing that could ever happen to anybody. But it ended up being the best thing that could happen to me. It made me stronger. I’m indestructible now!

    Thank you for posting this. It’s important that other people see you sharing your experience. It’s important that others, including me and you, know they are not alone. Anybody who is going through the aftermath of this- Just believe that it will get better.

    • I appreciate that becky. The great thing about being a cartoonist is I have a creative way to express how i feel and share my thoughts, which can be very therapeutic, and as a result I already feel loads better after sharing it. It did happen recently, less than two weeks ago, but even now i dont feel like it was THAT bad, even though i still have bruises and a fat lip. I let him do all of it, cause i just wanted to be with him. It’s a totally different messed up ballgame when you’re too afraid to ask him to stop, even when its painful. Because bad attention is at least attention.

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