A few weeks ago, I showed you all (the 4 of you who follow this blog…) some pencils from the newest story I’ve been working on, and now that I have my scanner back (<3) i can actually show you some of the FINISHED PRODUCT!

Now i only have the first half finished, so Im only going to show you in bi-panels… is that a thing?  It is now!

I havent come up with a title yet, but I figure that’s the last step anyway…

Im really excited about this project because the story is good, and its real story that I feel people will enjoy.  Plus it’s the best art ive ever done … i mean seriously…. two years ago this was what I was drawing.  Thanks to many encouraging friends and cartoonists, and the amazing people at CCS, I’ve come a long way in the past two years – ONWARD TO VICTORY IN COMICS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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