Your Name, My Heart

Thought I would break up posts about my art and talk about some other beautiful art on my mind today…


Last night I went to see the Japanese Anime Film, “YOUR NAME”, and i feel like my heart is still beating fast from it. On top of being just a completely beautiful masterpiece of art and animation, the story line will make your heart race, your stomach jump – it was just so good.

And by the end I couldn’t help but think of a work of art I had the pleasure of seeing back in 2010.

It was a piece called “LURE” by the artist Beili Liu.  I remember seeing it in real life, as I walked by the empty room that took up half a city block, peering in the windows from the sidewalk at night.  It literally took my breath away.

In Beili Liu’s statement for the piece, she talked about how each red string has two disks representing that everyone has a soulmate in this world, even if you don’t know it.  You are not alone.

This is a theme in the story of YOUR NAME as well, and i found many similarities between them.  I hope it inspire you to go out and see it :





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