Inktober #8: The Prom Queen

Ok, here we are, I made it an entire week, and we are here now and I am so happy, because tonight my friends, we are talking about:  The Prom Queen.

Inktober 8


The story is about 3 new friends who meet in a cemetery and try to work out the Mystery of the Prom Queen – but one of them has a secret they are not sharing…


If I had to pick a #1 favorite it would probably be this episode.  It has everything.  And BEST PART?  It is totally based on a true story:

Told, again, by Kristen, cause she has all my favorite stories, and she dresses up like a ghost for it, cause she’s the best.



And also, fun fact, the boyfriend that comes back from the dead to finally pick her up?  Dean from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice :)  266209



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