No Mister, accent on the Doh

Inktober Day 9 ! Today’s epsiode:  The Tale of the Dark Dragon.

inktober 9


VERY IMPORTANT:  This story is told by Eric, but he uses Gary’s character Sardo (that’s SAR-DOH, no mister, accent on the Doh) as a gift for “gary’s birthday” Sardo is the only interesting thing Gary ever really creates sadly, but he’s a good memorable character for sure.

Here is yet another example, our third so far, of “Get possessed, get a leather jacket and now your hot” – Are You Afraid of the Dark certainly was not shy about how they feel I guess.

HOWEVER – in this particular example, the more beautiful you become, the more your inner ugliness will come through.  Keith has to learn how to fight his own insecurities and appreciate the people that truly love him, or he will be a monster forever.



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