Inktober: 10/10

Inktober Day 10: The Frozen Ghost

the frozen ghost


I still remember the night this one first aired perfectly, because it was a “special”, mostly because it was starring our favorite Nickelodeon teen.  She plays babysitter to very wealthy boy Charles (though she’s clearly a terrible babysitter).  There is nothing scarier than a child ghost and poor Charles has one following him around and Clarissa Explains it All refuses to believe him! (to be fair, this is three years before she becomes Sabrina so I guess she’s still a skeptic).   In the end they help the ghost and find gold and Charles gets dirty for the first time in his life and its great, and it’s all a happily ever after.   Except, you know, for the child who froze to death in a log.


Also shout-out again to Kristen, because this was her story, and she has DA BEST ghost stories, though sadly this is the last time we will see her as this was the her last story in the show.



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