Inktober 11: Whispering Walls

The Tale of the Whispering Walls – SUCH a good episode that has everything: haunted house, painting that move, babies that turn to snakes, creepy carnival room, and a ghost dance party.

whispering walls


It’s a full moon on leap year, which means the dead can come back and party all night long, but one particular ghost, who is kind of like a creepy John Getz (who is already kind of creepy, so it works really well) wants to do more than party. Raymond the ghost insists on trapping passersby and taking their souls before the sunsets, and almost succeeds by possessing Louis the babysitter.  Luckily, one of the ghosts thinks the girl child looks like her daughter and she opens a door, and ghosts can be in a breeze i guess?  Oh well.  They escape and that’s all that matters.

Xtra-props for the amazing 90s outfits in this one.


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