And by it i mean the cover and introduction and by done i mean it is drawn, written and inked.



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Last night a friend of mine gave me this poster – The DIY Manifesto

it’s awesome – everything i do and want to be


“So go ahead, build your Maginot Line of  *** jobs, inflated gas prices, controlled schools and mass media.  Throw America in that briar patch.

Where can we live? In straw-bale houses and abandoned building and big group houses in the neighborhoods you dont even notice.

What can we eat? Stuff we grow on rooftops, in backyards, in planters made of milk crates lined with one dollar shower curtains.  And of course the leftovers from your dumpsters.

What can we wear?  Your castoffs, stuff e swap amongst us, stuff we sew and cut down and spiff up and rework a hundred different ways.

How can we get around?  By bikes everywhere, mass transit when we can, biodiesel cars where we must.  With skateboards and scooters and plain ol’ walkin’.  ”


this is just a small portion – its brilliant!   Thanks Jen :)


if youre interested in a copy, check it out HERE!