bee tee dubbayu

By the way, Bakkes and I had the best week ever!   Mostly because we had an overnight chicago trip to see BriTANick -> a hilarious comedy group made up of two adorable young men :)

It was the best trip ever – let me count the ways:

  • Arrived; walked around Hyde Park visitng FABULOUS bookstore where I bought these jems:
  • Had lunch , walked around somore
I got a black bean burger with “facon”, chipolte “nayo” and man n cheeze and “milk shake”
  • And since the diner was literally two blocks away from the theatre, was moseyed on over and had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES <3
  • *sigh*
  • Crashed at sara’s friend’s house, who’s female roommate was jamming to backstreet boys and Nsync while playing zombie shooter video games.  Not a joke (comic coming later)
  • Next morning, Tim (sara’s friend) took us too a Swedish breakfast restaurant, and swedish store, where i bought a great reusable, earth safe “cloth”
  • AND THEN we went to visit my friend Chris at his office, who is fancy pants and working for Leo Burnett on the river downtown, and guess wh0 just HAPPEND to be there during our visit?
DEMETRI MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and he’s adorable
and then his easel fell on me and he looked at me and said “oh sorry, but that was your punishment for standing in the front row”
<3 swoon <3
anyway – THIS is the view from my friend’s office – RIDICULOUS!
other cool spots included Quimby’s, and Earwax (where Jeffrey Brown writes/wrote his comics :)
BEST 24hrs EVER!!!