Fan Art Friday: ZACH ANNER

I’m really really behind because I am in the process of MOOOOVING!  But I did manage to create a Fan Art Friday for May:

Zach Anner

Zach Anner

If you don’t know who Zach Anner is you need to get to know him NOW.  GO. NOW.

This guy is a freaking amazing and hilarious human – started from YOUTUBE fame, he has also become a popular spokesman for Cerebral Palsy, of which he himself is afflicted.  But between his jokes, his workout videos, or his recent BOOK, you wouldn’t know that Zach has anything about him holding him back.

My personal favorite is his Rainbow Bagel video, so I feel like it’s a pretty good way to be introduce to this guy.

If you are looking for a good book, I also highly recommend If at Birth You Don’t Succeed or even better, buy the audiobook because Zach himself is the narrator and it’s glorious.









Fan Art Fridays – See I told you

Oh you thought I was kidding that I was going to bring back Fan Art Fridays, DIDNT YOU.


It’s ok, I didnt believe me either…


BUT here I am :)  It’s happening!

This Fan Art Friday is dedicated to: Lauren Graham.

Lauren graham

Now, if you’ve met me before then you probably heard me mention Gilmore Girls, or at the very least I quoted or referenced it (even if you didn’t notice).  There’s no easy way to explain exactly how I feel about this show, but let me use the show to help figure it out:



I was the same age/grade as Rory when the show first aired – we grew up together.  And now I am the same age as Lorelai’s character when the show first started – and I can honestly say I love it, because I have always loved her character the most.

That being said, I didn’t know too much about the actress who played her (Lauren Graham) other than what I learned surrounding the show.  Very recently I downloaded the audiofile for Lauren’s most recent book “Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between” .  All i can say is that I am so glad I bought this book.  Lauren is just as vibrant, weird, crazy and inspiring as my favorite character, if not more so because she is incredibly real.   She talks to the reader/audience like we’re old friends, and she discusses her experience with Gilmore Girls in such a lovely way that it made me cry – several times.

That show got me through my twenties and the majority of my college and teenage years, and I am forever grateful for the writing and the characters who inspired me and helped me as I grew up.

Thank you Lauren Graham.



Also, P.S.

To further my point, my amazing team and I recently won first prize in Gilmore Girls Trivia