Please let me take this post to gush a little… :

I love living in White River Junction, VT!

I was disappointed that school didn’t work out, but Ive never regretted the move – not even for a second.  Apart from meeting fresh new and talented students ive met acclaimed cartoonists living in town and working at CCS, such as Steve Bissette, and also nationally and world recognized artists – and they’re here!  And they know me by  name!

Like for instance Craig Thompson (no biggy, only the man who made me want to do comics  or whatever…)

and then tonight i had the privilege to hear the amazing Robert Sikoyak speak, also known as Bob, also known as the man who i see everyday and often make cups of tea for.

from our night at the Tumbridge Fair

Sitting there listneing to him, i felt like a FOOL!  I didnt know he had accomplished so much (being on the cover of the new yorker like… what 8 times?!?!) He truly is a legend, and ive known him for months and didnt even realize it.  BLAAFGGGGHH!!!!!!!!

i read this book.  in michigan.  when i was first trying to learn about comics.  and when i met bob, i didnt even put two and two together… FOOL!


mind blowing.

WHEW – ok.  enough gushing.  gushing over.

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listening on repeat:



i am still working on the big book, but im at point where i need to think more about structure and what comes next than drawing, and until i can rest up enough to ponder that fully, Ive been drawing HAIKU COMICS EVERYDAY!   yaaay!

they’ll eventually be a part of a collection, but until then ill give you some snippets




and no, those first two clips are not related – completely different poems

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And to send you off, I decided that this weeks theme song is: