Open Wide

WHEW what a week.

Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes came to the bookstore this week and it was CHAOTIC – 300 people lines up when our capacity is only like… 150.  We made $1100 at the cafe.

Unfortuneatly because of how late his plane came in and how many people there were and how busy we were, I didn’t get a chance to meet him so I quickly snapped some crappy photos with my phone:

Earlier that day I drew this comic – I intended to give it to him but I i thought it would be difficult, so Im going to send it to Charm City Cakes to say thanks for coming to the bookstore :)

it’s funny cause its true.

in other news, today was without a doubt the most difficult, horrible day in the year that i have worked at the cafe.  We literally ran out of dishes AND food, not to mention the psychotic people yelling at us for the most ridiculous things ever.

SO we treated ourselves to treats – i was given a free cookie (which i had baked) that i warmed up and ate with a delicious cup of coffee.  I also bought a new edition of Leaves of Grass that we recently ordered in the bookstore – which i LOVE and this one has a lines for notetaking – BRILLAINT  perfect for this very awful, dreary day in Grand Rapids.

*sigh*  hm im going to go get a coffee or tea with bakkes and rest before comics tonight :)

“Do I contradict myself?  Very well then, I contradict myself.  I am large; I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman