Much LOVE Monday: HIKE

Yesterday was just plain awesome – as a friend of mine said “It feels like I’ve been sick for a long time and just suddenly got better”

It has been record breaking temperatures and to take advantage of that AND where we live, some friends and I went hiking yesterday.

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Much LOVE Monday: Bike-riding in FEBRUARY?

Yesterday i went on a 6-mile bike ride for the first time since last summer and it was AMAZING.  Im in Vermont, in the mountains, and its 40 degrees in the middle of February?  Heck YES i am going to go on BIKE RIDES!  IM going to keep riding too, for as long as i can

That's my baby - Miss St. Clair - lookin out over the Connecticut River on the Upper Valley Trail

So today, I am loving MID WINTER BIKE RIDES!!!!!

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im back!

Ok, kids, here we go:

Officially residing in White River Junction, VT, though not officially a resident (6 months for residency).

So far I am LOVING it.

I literally have mountains in my backyard… actually i think it would be more accurate to say that I am living on a mountain.

I found a good job at a cafe RIGHT away and getting about 30 hours a week.  Its allowed me to meet some great people, and being here only a week I’d say i have about… 5 official friends

not bad i’d say

anywho everything is going good so far – people are friendly, or as friendly as they are anywhere i guess.  winston is doing good, which makes me happy :)  roommate is nice, its beuatiful, people here actually care about where there food comes from so restaurants use FRESH tomatoes, local health store i can walk to and get all the vegetarian and vegan items i desire – all in all a GREAT place to move to.

Missing:  my bigger, cheaper apartment.  the local music and music venues.  the cool people :)